Socratic debate

Socratic method, also known as maieutics, method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions

Here we plan to record interesting questions we have received from the Visitors


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

hot melt adhesives manufacturing

Dear Team, 

I got your reference online and wanted to discuss with you further about a new project.

We are manufacturers of Shellac and allied products and want to use our manufacturing and export experience to venture into a new chemical manufacturing industry. We will be based out of West Bengal. Currently we are evaluating hot melt adhesives manufacturing unit. Will you be intersted in taking up this project in the capacity of a consultant? We can discuss further on this at a time convenient to you. 

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail and thank you
We offer trade technology-sources project information services
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Flour Mills

Dear Sir,
I am consultant for plastic Ind , but I have clients in Maharashtra their  requirement for Wheat ,maize, corn flour mill,
Pl brief me minimum and maximum capacity of production per day TPD , the area required and it's viability,
If possible pl share me project report.
I am enclosing my profile.
We can joint share the work .

Dear Sir
CD ROM described at
has information
To know how you can buy the information, see
http // 

Urea-formaldehyde manufacturing

   We Emparala globle resources pvt ltd, Tirupathi. chittoor dist, Andhra pradesh.
we are planning to instal the urea-formaldehyde manufacturing unit having the capacity of 200 tons/day.
we need the detailed project report for  Planning, project cost, Erection and commencing.

Do the needful

Thanking you sir,

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail, thank you
The data base described at
has the project information
Also included in the data base is panel of consultants whom
you may approach for DPR Assignment
The data base price is Rs.25000/- (Rs.Twenty five thousands only)
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Cold Storage

Primary Information Services
21 Murugappan St SwamyNagarExt2
Ullagaram Chennai - 600091 India
Phone:  91 44 22421080  
Mobile cell numbers :9940043898, 9444008898
FAX :  91 44  22423753

Dear Sir,
We have to offer Engineering Consultancy Services for establishment of number of Cold Storage Units for Fruits & Vegetables and other perishables.

In this connection we are looking for Suppliers of Equipment's related to Cold Storage Units and yourself being in the above area we require the quotation for Preliminary Budgetary Cost, Specifications and Equipment's for the following.items.

1) Pre Cooling Unit with forced Air Cooled System capacity 10 MT and 20 MT.
2) Cold Storage capacity of 20 MT, 40 MT and 60 MT Freon based.
3) Environmental Unit controlled for Ripening Chamber capacity of 20 MT, 40 MT and 60 MT.
4) Sorting Grading Line capacity 2 MT per hour, 4 MT per hour and 10 MT per hour, with provision for Size Separation, Volume Separation and Semi Automatic.

1) Cold Storage Unit 5000 MT, 2000 MT,1000 MT and 500 MT with Vapour Compression System.
2) IQF, 2 MT per hour, 10 MT per hour, 20 MT per hour with Fluid Bed Technology.
3) Overhead AHU Unit to maintain temperature in Ante Room size 30 m x 5 m.
4) Refrigerant, Ammonia and Freon according to location.

Layout and Drawings for typical Cold Storage Unit for 5000 MT including Building Layout with the general arrangements.

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail, thank you
The data base described at
has the project information including Plant & Machinery suppliers list
You need to get quotations & work out project parameters - may be with help from
your chartered accountant
To know how to order the Data base, please see
http // 

Ready Mix Concrete project


 As per my discussion with Mr. Sunderajan, I would like to get some
 details on few of the bullet points as mentioned on your website.

 1. Company profile section - you mention about the 'Indian
 Companies -
 profiles' - I wanted to understand if this list is exhaustive and does
 it include details such as number of plants and locations and capacity
 of these companies
 2. 'Plant' section: you have mentioned plant list 1, 2, and 3. Are
 theselists for the Indian companies or worldwide ( we are only
 interested in
 the Indian Companies). And do these lists cover all the plants?
 3. 'Market' section: you have mentioned about the RMC business being
 worth over Rs. 1000 crore and also talked about demand
 fluctuations and
 plant turnover - just wanted to know how recent is this information.

 Lastly, can I be sure that as told by Mr Sunderajan on the phone,
 beforesending us the report - you will update the list with
 whatver latest  data is available? We would like the data to be as recent as

Dear Sir
Nice talking to you & thanks for the mail
i) List is not exhaustive - just indicative
   Some Major players with multiple plants in various locations in India are
ii) List 1, 2, 3 are factories in India ownd by a major player
iii) There are a few articles on RMC Statistics - over different periods
      in India & other countries.
    Demand Fluctuations in USA - There is an artilce(2006)
    Indian market for RMC 1000 CRORES - From article dated 2006
    There is projections by the same source for 2009 - now included in the CD
We shall look for more recent data & write the CD for you - once payment is received ?
with best wishes
Primary Information Services

Coconut Milk project

Dear Primary Information Services,
 I am a volunteer financial consultant from Boston, MA USA working
 for a  nonprofit consulting company named TechnoServe (  I am
 currently based out of Maputo Mozambique in Southern Africa.  The
 goal of  TechnoServe is to assist the growth of the economy in less fortunate
 countries through Technical Assistance.  We are presently working
 on a  feasibility analysis for a potential canned coconut milk factory
 in the  Inhambane Region of Mozambique.
The community around the factory is  extremely poor.  The factory would initially sell its product to South
 Africa consumers and would allow for potential employment and
 sourcing for  its surrounding community.
 I am writing to ask for you help.  During my research I came
 across a report  produced by your analysts named "Coconut Milk:  Making Process,
 Technology,Applications, Patent, Consultants, Company Profiles,
 Reports, Markets
 Projects, Guides".  This report appears to be the perfect piece of
 information to assist me in my general market research for the
 feasibility analysis; however, the report costs $200 + S&H which is
 an amount of money  that the nonprofit I am currently working for does not have to
 I am  writing to ask you to donate the report to my organization or to
 sell it to  me (I would have to pay for it out of my own personal savings) at a
 discounted price.  I have been evaluating the demand for canned
 coconutmilk, the pricing/purchasing strategy for canned coconut
 milk and the  current producers of the product for a few weeks now; this report
 would help  me complete that evaluation.  If you cannot donate the CD Rom to
 me, I do  hope that you can help through providing me with general market
 research on  the coconut milk sales in africa.  I hope you can help and please
 email  or  call me with any questions.

Flue Gas Desulphurization

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the report on Flue Gas Desulphurization on your website.

I am working on a research project on economic impact of sourcing components for super critical boilers and  FGDs used in boilers in India. In relation to same, in addition to the information available in the report I was interested in:

1. Components wise costs of FGDs used in super critical boilers by major Indian players like BHEL, LNT and Doosan
2. Vendors of various components and costs of supplies used by these players
3. Cost of assembly, building and erection of FGD

Also wanted to check if there is an expert on FGD and super critical boilers with whom we can engage for our project.

Feel free to call for any queries.


Dear Sir
You have asked for the data base described at
The data base specifically has data on costs and some files in the data base cover the following:
1.Cost comparison of the three Indian manufacturers - july 2015
2.Retrofitting market size for years till 2019
3.Financial Considerations in Flue Gas Desulfurization - The capital and operating costs
4.SCR Cost Manual
5.FGD cost sheet - USA
6.The market for FGD in India
7.Recent Import values consignment wise hs code wise of FGD parts/valves etc
8.Historical/ old  presentation pertaining to Prices of FGD Systmes
and many other presentations on technical, environmental we found on the Internet
These data does NOT cover fully what you indicated in your mails

Polyetheramine T-5000

Dear Sir,


We would like to introduce our company as Oren Hydrocarbons Pvt. ltd from Chennai. We have been in Drilling fluid manufacturing business for the past 15 years. We urgently need Polyetheramine T-5000 for our new projects. Our order will be about 3 Mts per month if your product is subject to our approval. Kindly send us your best quote along with COA and MSDS.

We are only information providers
Please see

Polyetheramine details required.

Hi Mr. Rajan,
    As per our telephonic conversation, I am sending you a few questions:-

1.       What are the raw materials used for manufacturing ofPolyetheramine?
2.       What is the manufacturing process of Polyetheramine(D-2000, D-400 and D-230)?
3.       Chemical reaction of Polyetheramine.
4.       Why there is price difference between the pricing of D-2000, D-400 and D-230?

Just simply put whether you will be able to answer above questions in yes or no format.
As I mentioned earlier please tell how much this information is going to cost?

Dear Mr.Amit Gajkal
YES to all your questions
We have documents having answers to all your questions
The price is Rs.15000/- ( Rs.Fifteen thousands only)
To know how to pay & get the data, please see

Graphite Beneficiation project

I have a large graphite project and need some help on the processing. it is small (1-20um) graphite in clay. can your company help me, or point me in the right direction please

Dear Sir
We can offer you Data base on Graphite Beneficiation covering
Technology description & sourcing and related information anddescribed at
Our charges will be Rs.15000/-
To know how to order the data base on CD ROM, see
Our charges will be Rs.15000/-
To know how to order the data base on CD ROM, see

Natural gas based projects

Dear Sir,

We are in the process of receiving an enquiry from one of our Client for feasibly study for manufacturing of following products from Natural Gas as a feed stock. Based on the best feasible product, Client is interested to set-up a manufacturing facility in India.

Feed Stock: natural gas

Proposed Products:

1)      CS2
2)      Methanol
3)      Acetylene
4)      H2 Peroxide
5)      Anything other than above

With respect to the above subject, we will be interested to obtain the following information w.r.t. to each product mentioned above

1)      Market analysis and potential of the product
2)      Manufacturing process
3)      Cost of plant installation (Equipment details)
4)      Operating cost of the plant
5)      Cash flow statement

Request you to confirm the availability of above reports with you.

Dear Mr.Harshad Anaspure
Nice to see your mail, thank you
We offer trade technology project information services
through our web site
We have a large data base on natural gas basedprojects
There is a data base on setting up these projects covering
i) natural gas based chemicals
ii) natural gas value chain
iii) project documents containing Integrated projects on natural gas based products
iv) some projects pre feasibility analysis
v) Benefits of down stream projects and project consultants
Many other useful data
Do you like to buy this data base?
Let us know


Dear Mr. M.Sundara Rajan

It's My pleasure to meet you!

This is Mohammadreza Heydartaemeh. I''m an Inventor and R&D manager in
mineral processing. my education is in mining in the field of (
Exploration, Extraction and Mineral processing) and also I'm expertise
in Nanotechnology and Chemical Engineering.  I have several patents
for industrial application. I am also specializes in the field of Nano
powders Among other things, I produced Nano perlite, Nano pumice and
Their Nano Composites, Nano particles of nickel-zinc ferrite, Nano
dendrimers, MMBR & MMBBR Reactor and etc. ...Also find special
applications for them.

My friend has a Gilsonite mine in Iran and request me to think about
Gilsonite use in industry. I see you are expertise about it. could you
help me, How much capital is required for the production of ink and
other application in small industry?

Kindly contact me if you require any further details or documents.
I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail, thank you
Pleae take a look at the data base described at
You have these information to understand the project & take steps to
To know how can order the data base, please see

Rice - Buyers Directory & World Trade

DEar Sir,
Before ordering fro the cd, we will like to know what all information is there in the cd. Does it have the contact nos, email ids etc
Actually we are looking for data containing email, phone numbers, address etc.
thanking you

Dear Sir
CD ROM described at
has the information
The Buyers Contact information too are there - retrieved from the Internet portals
Please see terms of our services explained at
best wishes
http //

Rice Mill Mchinery

Dear Sir/Madam,
I get your email while searching the net.
We are an import oriented trading company based in Nepal. You can know more about us from our web site
We are interested in purchasing Rice Milling Machines on regular basis for reselling to customers in Nepal.
How can you help? Do you supply information? Your charges and business terms & conditions?
Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

We can compile a data base of companies selling Rice milling machinery
List out Countries you are interested - India, Thailand & Japan will be ideal
We can also provide you with data on import/export price idea for India recent Rice mill machinery trade
The cost of the data base on cd rom will be Rs.15000/-
To know how to order such a data base, see
http // 

corn starch and pregalitazed corn starch

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in purchase of corn starch and pregalitazed corn starch for pharmaceutical R&D applications.
Please suggest some and let me know the price and cost of them.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir
We can compile a list of such suppliers companies and offer you
To know how to order, see
Sample data attached to this mail - please see
best wishes

Rice trade company - Egypt

Dear Sirs
Have a nice day
This is Hassan mostafa import specialist in Commercial International 
Group Company.
I would like to avail the opportunity to introduce our company 
Commercial International Group CIG to your esteem company, Commercial 
International Group one of biggest companies in Egypt in the field of 
importing all types of canned foods like ( Tuna, Mackerel, Sardine, 
Pineapple, Peach,  Corned Beef, Mushroom, Sweet Corn, Anchovies). )
We have a huge market in all over the governments in addition we have a 
branch in all the governments as we are supplying for many sectors such 
Egyptian local market.1-
2- Hyper markets
3- Tourism sector
4- Universities
5- We are the main food supplier for armed force and police military
According we plan to start import Basmati Rice from India with huge 
quantity monthly    so could you send us best Price for:
1- Basmati Rice Length of rice 6.6 mm or more than this, width 3.1 mm or 
more than this, moisture not more than 14 % , broken not more Than 10 %, 
   white color 20 K.G CIF Alex.
2- Basmati Rice Length of rice 6.6 mm or more than this, width 3.1 mm or 
more than this, moisture not more than 14 % , broken not more Than 10 %, 
   white color 40 K.G CIF Alex.
3- Basmati Rice Length of rice 6.6 mm or more than this, width 3.1 mm or 
more than this, moisture not more than 14 % ,broken not more Than 10 %,  
white color 50 K.G CIF Alex.
Waiting for your reply

Dear Sir
CD ROM described at
has the trade information for you - includes suppliers data base of India & Pakistan
We are only offer information services
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best wishes
http //
cell 9940043898 

Rice Cakes

Dear Sir,
I am consultant India based in Bangalore. As a part of the Trade arm, We are trying to launch certain products in the Indian market.
We are looking for someone to support and help us out on research/Analysis for Flavouring of “Rice Cakes”.

We have the trial machine to produce the base, now need to do some flavouring options of

Sweet Chilli

Dear Sir
CD ROM described at
has the information on rice cakes production
Also included are contacts/consultants/Institutions to get your specific requirments
To know how to order the Cd, see

Consultancy for Rice Husk Ash Utilization

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Good day!

Our company, Restored Energy Development Corporation (REDCORP) is a Filipino-owned company under the Armadiillo Holdings, Inc. (AHI) geared towards power generation with green technology. Currently, REDCORP has three (3) operational rice husk-fired Boilers which supply steam to a beverage-manufacturing company here in the Philippines.

One of the by-products in our operations is our fly ash (ricehusk ash) with an average daily production of 10 metric tons.

In connection with this, we would like to express our sincerest interest for the consultancy and technology that your company offers. We hope we can set a meeting with you to discuss further matter. You can find my contact details below or reply on this email.

We hope for your favorable response. Thank you very much. 

Dear Sir
Nice to see your mail, thank you
We offer trade technology project information services
The data bases described at
have information pertaining to Rice Husk utilisation 
To know how to order these data bases, please click on the link 
"Ordering information" on the respective pages

International buyers Database

Hi Team,

We are looking for international buyers Database and also looking how to make sales Enquiries,
We are doing an international export business. Hence let us know you feasibility.

Laundry Detergent and soap manufacturing plant.

Dear Sir,

Warm regards

I need the project report for Laundry Detergent and soap manufacturing plant.

So please guide for same


Dear Sir
Nice talking to you , thanks for the mail
The data base described at
has the information for you - Help you to prepare your reports by yourself
or consultants known to you
To know how to buy the data base, see
http //
cell 9940043898

Mobile Phone Repair shop

Hi Team,

nice to speak to you can you please share the 1 sample video. what is the purpose of that CD Rom. I have start my own mobiles service center. or give me a any demo regarding this.

With Regards

M.Anantha Kumar.
Cell: 9884657371

If you want to know more, buy the data as explained at
see video

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

API intermediates

This is Nidhish dave from ahmedabad  involved in supplying raw materials to API manufacturing units in solvents want to explore potential in extending our service to pharmaceutical industry via manufacturing excipients or API intermediates. We are looking for a project consultant to get us through. Please let us knw when we can call or expect a call for the same.

Dear Sir
We are Information providers
The data base on API as described at
is what we offer
To know how to order the data base, please see
http // 

Cashew nuts Trade

We are import and export Company in Germany since year 2000. We are looking for Companies interested in buying Cashew nuts.
If there is any interested Company , Contact us.

Dear Sir
We are information providers
We offer the data base described at 
To know how to order the Data base, please see
http //
cell 9940043898

hydroxy propyl ethylcellulose

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail, thank you
We confirm that we have the two data bases pertaining to your interest
These project contents are described at
Please study the content descriptions
We are only information providers and the information on the Companies offering turnkey solutions
and details form part of the contents of our data bases
To get the technology, you need to directly contact the companies and
buy the know-how/turnkey offers ; we do not get involved
To know how to order the data bases, click on the links ""ordering information""
on the respective pages

Dear Mr. Rajan ,
Firstly how are you ?
I hope you are well !
Further to our telephone conversation the day before yesterday , As company We are interested in to produce

FIRSTLY Hydroxypropyl Ethylcellulose (for construction purpose only) in addition to that (if it is possible with the

same technology) We also would like to produce microcrystalline cellulose from the cotton waste in BULGARIA
Could you please kindly let me know if you can provide full technology (tern key production) for this purpose.

We have been considering to produce at around 2500 (twothousand and a half) tons a year. 
We have good connections with some makers to have the reactors done and other equipments here.
We can dicusse all other detailes related this issue depending on your questions 
Your valuable comment on our requet will be really appreciated.
Hearing from you.
Best regards


Dear Sir
We are Information providers
The data base described at
has information for you?
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cell 9940043898

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a bulk supplier of Acacia Logs to extract Catechu for the end use of manufacturing
catechin (Kattha).
Can your organization, help us find such suppliers.

Please let me know, if you can supply us regularly and inform us your terms and

conditions for an indicative quantity of 10 containers 20 feet per month to NhavaSheva Port India.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


CD ROM described at
has the project information
To know how to order the Cd, see
best wishes
http //
cell 9940043898
Dear sir,
kind attention:-M. sundara Rajan.
  as we understood that  your org. is  furnishing the technical
information on various  aspects of technology.We are PIONEERING in
power generation from fossil fuel
in INDIA.Fly ash is produced as a by product  with   a few  quantity
of cenoshere.
KINDLY QUOTE  for providing the  complete kwow-how about the
CENOSPHERE present in fly ash of power stations in NATIONAL&
Internatioal scenario.

Questions on Fly Ash

We are specialist Information data bases builders
We have about 50 data bases on fly ash utilization
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We suggest that you may as a first step study these Resources
before planning your development programmes
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Mr. M.SundaraRajan 
Life Member, The Madras Library Association
Primary Information Services
21 Murugappan St, SwamyNagar Ext2, 
Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091, India.
Phone: 91 44 22421080 / Mobile: 09940043898, 09444008898  
Email: /
Good morning sir,
As per nice talk had with you about fly ash utilisation and said projects.
Kindly send us detailed information for fly ash utilisation, value added products/projects, projects working in India and world wide,
LWA project working, new products and technology from fly ash etc.
Few information about you(attached here with), getting from some reliable sources. 
Kindly send more details about your-self and your activity.
We are interested to work together considering fruitful to both end.
Kindly treat as most urgent.
Thanking you,