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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cold Storage

Primary Information Services
21 Murugappan St SwamyNagarExt2
Ullagaram Chennai - 600091 India
Phone:  91 44 22421080  
Mobile cell numbers :9940043898, 9444008898
FAX :  91 44  22423753

Dear Sir,
We have to offer Engineering Consultancy Services for establishment of number of Cold Storage Units for Fruits & Vegetables and other perishables.

In this connection we are looking for Suppliers of Equipment's related to Cold Storage Units and yourself being in the above area we require the quotation for Preliminary Budgetary Cost, Specifications and Equipment's for the following.items.

1) Pre Cooling Unit with forced Air Cooled System capacity 10 MT and 20 MT.
2) Cold Storage capacity of 20 MT, 40 MT and 60 MT Freon based.
3) Environmental Unit controlled for Ripening Chamber capacity of 20 MT, 40 MT and 60 MT.
4) Sorting Grading Line capacity 2 MT per hour, 4 MT per hour and 10 MT per hour, with provision for Size Separation, Volume Separation and Semi Automatic.

1) Cold Storage Unit 5000 MT, 2000 MT,1000 MT and 500 MT with Vapour Compression System.
2) IQF, 2 MT per hour, 10 MT per hour, 20 MT per hour with Fluid Bed Technology.
3) Overhead AHU Unit to maintain temperature in Ante Room size 30 m x 5 m.
4) Refrigerant, Ammonia and Freon according to location.

Layout and Drawings for typical Cold Storage Unit for 5000 MT including Building Layout with the general arrangements.

Dear Sir
Glad to see your mail, thank you
The data base described at
has the project information including Plant & Machinery suppliers list
You need to get quotations & work out project parameters - may be with help from
your chartered accountant
To know how to order the Data base, please see
http // 

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