Socratic debate

Socratic method, also known as maieutics, method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions

Here we plan to record interesting questions we have received from the Visitors


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Questions on - Ostrich Farming

1.I like to know some details regarding Ostrich Farming in India.
 If you have a project report on it. Please send by email  if you
 can publish
 in your web site, then please me the web address Link so that i
 can download  the same
2. I would like to import 2-3 months ostrich chicks from
Australia.What are the  documents required for import 2-3 months ostrich chicks
3.kindly advise us the quotation for Ostrich birds: -
 a) 3 months old
 b) 12 months
 c) 24 months
 d) 36 months
 we wishes to buy in bulk, so please advise us the quotation on
 urgent basis.
 we are based at Surat, gujarat.

4.I came to know from your site about ostrich farming. I am very much 
interested in the same.  Can you please provide me details on the 
 Where can I get Ostrich and Emu? 
 How much it will cost? 
 I am from Kerala and is engaged in the farming of chicken, duck, 
 turkey,goose etc. 

5.i want to ostrich form keeping
 agriculture in uttar pardeash india
 all information about ostrich.

6.  I am Planning to start a Dairy Farm of emus,Turkey
 and  ostrich  units with 20 to 50 Turkey emus and ostrich units  Near
 addanki(ongole).I do  not have any sort of experience related to dairy farm.
 Sir i would like to know if anyone can guide me how to start and
 what are  the initial requirements etc.

7. I have a land area of 3 acres in karnataka rural area so i am
 interested in ostrich farming but i have no idea prior to this i will
 be grateful if u wil help me in this case and let me know abt the cost
 incurred in this farming with top to bottom and also about the loans
 provided by govt if possible

8. I have a Farm in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and am interested in
 Please provide me any information that you have on Ostrich
 breeding and  also the price (male/female bird) including transportation to

9.Please I am interested in ostrich farming but  i don't know how to
 go about it. I would like know everything about it : ostrich
 yearlings, ostrich chicks, and fertile ostrich eggs, incubation,
 hatching and raising chicks up to adult size. I want to
 concentrate mainly on the practical aspect of it. I want to know
 how long the training would take and what the cost/total package
 would be. my name is Mr. Victor Kalu Okorie. from Nigeria. I love
 ostriches and would like to start the farming. I would take care
 visa, transportation and feeding.

10. I  am currently researching on emu products as a part of an
 internationalproject conducted by  the University of British
 Columbia. In connection with
 my study, I am contacting people who were/ are involved in the emu
 industryto learn in depth about the problems faced by the
 producers. I wish to know
 whether you are still in the industry and whether I could contact you
 with respect to our project. It would be much appreciated if you
 could reply  me about your current status in this regard.

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