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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ready Mix Concrete project


 As per my discussion with Mr. Sunderajan, I would like to get some
 details on few of the bullet points as mentioned on your website.

 1. Company profile section - you mention about the 'Indian
 Companies -
 profiles' - I wanted to understand if this list is exhaustive and does
 it include details such as number of plants and locations and capacity
 of these companies
 2. 'Plant' section: you have mentioned plant list 1, 2, and 3. Are
 theselists for the Indian companies or worldwide ( we are only
 interested in
 the Indian Companies). And do these lists cover all the plants?
 3. 'Market' section: you have mentioned about the RMC business being
 worth over Rs. 1000 crore and also talked about demand
 fluctuations and
 plant turnover - just wanted to know how recent is this information.

 Lastly, can I be sure that as told by Mr Sunderajan on the phone,
 beforesending us the report - you will update the list with
 whatver latest  data is available? We would like the data to be as recent as

Dear Sir
Nice talking to you & thanks for the mail
i) List is not exhaustive - just indicative
   Some Major players with multiple plants in various locations in India are
ii) List 1, 2, 3 are factories in India ownd by a major player
iii) There are a few articles on RMC Statistics - over different periods
      in India & other countries.
    Demand Fluctuations in USA - There is an artilce(2006)
    Indian market for RMC 1000 CRORES - From article dated 2006
    There is projections by the same source for 2009 - now included in the CD
We shall look for more recent data & write the CD for you - once payment is received ?
with best wishes
Primary Information Services

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