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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

LPG Forum

Dear Sundara,

To the people in the industry, we have struggled with LPG autogas for a long time. Somehow, the Philippines seems allergic to alternative fuels that provide cleaner air, and the right to not breathe in cancer causing pollutants.

How do we change the fate of LPG Autogas in the Philippines? Could a renewed focus on corporate fleets and public transportation be an answer?

Bringing together the top stakeholders in the LPG value chain, the 5th LPG Philippines Forum will convene on the 27 – 28 April 2017 at SMX Aura, bringing new discussions and highlights for the future of LPG in the Philippines.

>> Download the brochure here for full agenda and speakers list!

This year, we are featuring 2 Roundtable Focus Groups and are inviting non-LPG industry participants to join us.

For Hotel, Restaurant, Building and Facility Owners, come and find out how to dramatically slash costs with LPG, and simplify your energy demands with a range of LPG applications and developments.

For Corporate Fleet Owners, come and find out how you can reduce your fleet’s operational and maintenance costs through conversion to LPG. Dispel myths surrounding LPG autogas vehicles. Alternative facts should not play in your decision making process.

If you are keen on saving money, breathing cleaner air and making sure you have access to power and electricity all the time, join us at the LPG Philippines Forum now !

For more information, kindly contact me at:
Tel: +65 6506 0986 / +65 9841 0641

Warm Regards,
Vincent Choy

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Africa LPG Summit
11 – 12 Jul 2017
Emperor’s Palace,
Johannesburg, S. Africa

Explore the growing markets of Africa where it is developing at a rapid pace.

Free seats are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Sign up today to reserve your spot!Or simply get in touch with us at
Tel: +65 6506 0965

Get the opportunity to present your products and services to all the LPG stakeholders and users in the Philippines! Join Petron, Isla and more as sponsors at the LPG Philippines Forum 2017.

For more information, kindly contact Calvin Tan at
Tel: +65 6506 0965
All Events Group | T: +65 6506 0965 | E: info@lp

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