Socratic debate

Socratic method, also known as maieutics, method of elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate, is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions

Here we plan to record interesting questions we have received from the Visitors


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hospital Uses Leeches to Heal Patients

“Waste Management” seminar

Dear Sir,
Greetings from TFSC!!
TFSC is a collaborative venture between Tamil Nadu Small and Tiny Industries Association and Friedrich Naumann Stiftung fur die Freiheit, Germany, established to set up and promote Small and Medium Enterprises, since 1992. We organize capacity building programmes for the SMEs both on skill development and also on Managerial on topics of relevance every now and then. 
TFSC is organizing a one day training programme on “Waste Management”, at  FNF HALL, 2nd Floor, 10, G .S .T. Road, Guindy, Chennai- 600 032. 

Objective of the programme:

To make participants aware of the importance of segregation of waste, Storage method  applicable regulatory requirements on waste disposal and scientific method of waste disposal.


        The concept sharing would be facilitated through structured presentation, interactive sessions, videos, and Q&A for proper understanding. 

a. Municipal Solid Waste.
b. Bio Medical Waste.
c. E-Waste.
d. Industrial Waste
e. Plastic Waste
f. Construction and Demolition Waste
g. Food Waste

a. Hazardous & other waste management and trans boundary movement Rules 2016
b. Plastic & waste management Rules 2016
c. E-Waste Management Rules 2016
d. Construction & Demolition waste management Rule 2016.
e. Solid Waste Management Rules 2016
f. Bio Medical Waste Management Rules 2016

a. Hierarchy of waste management
b .Industrial waste management
c. Plastic waste management
d. Food waste management
e. E-waste management
f. Bio- Medical waste management
Target Group:
         Engineers, ISO-System coordinators, Managers, Safety Engineers and Managers and HR professionals, Consultants.

1. Types of waste
2. Awareness of the compliance requirements of all wastes.
3. Methodology of segregation and creation of wealth out waste
4. Disposal requirements

“Seminar on Waste Management”
One Day  on 26th May,  2017
 Timings : (10:00am to 5:00 pm
)/Registration:  (09:00 am –9.30a.m)
FNF Hall,  2nd Floor, No.10, G.S.T. Road, Guindy,  Chennai – 600032, (Land Mark: Above Indian Overseas Bank and Opposite to Sangeetha Veg Restaurant )
Rs. 2000/- per participant, Inclusive of Lunch, 2 tea breaks, Training Materials & Handouts. (Payment can be made by cash/DD/Cheque favoring TANSTIA - FNF Service Centre, Chennai.)
 Thanking you,
With warm regards, 
K. Manoj kumar 
Manager  – Training
B-22,Industrial Estate,
Guindy,Chennai – 600 032
Mob: 97890 60133
Phone-044-22501451, 43534040

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

colloidal silica

Dear sir,
I have one sample of colloidal silica and I want to make same product but I do not know that sample is making from which process.There are different type of methods to manufacturing colloidal silica. I want to make vitrified tiles coating colloidal silica.So give me more information on it to which process is good for making vitrified tiles coating colloidal silica or have you complete plant for vitrified tiles coating?
How many rupess for complete information for vitrified tiles coating of colloidal silica?
Reply me 

Dear Sir
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300 KGS of alkaline batteries

Dear Sir
NICE talking to you, thanks for the mail
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We have no interest in buying your used Batteries
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Dear sir/madam
We have near about 300 KGS of alkaline batteries which are used in our operational instruments...
So that we want sell or dispose those batteries.. 

MGO Project

.i am living in costal area where i can establish this project so that I am interesting in establish Magnesium oxide producing plant from seawater in gujarat region, so that i required the following details i.e:-

1- Land required for project.(machinery set up, warehouse, storage, office premises,load-unload spaces,etc.)

2- List of equipment required with the capacity

3- Project cost with the capital required to run wealthy

4- loan availability and govt. subsidiary.( include project report)

5- manpower

6- electricity

7- steel structure

8- vehicles

9- laboratory set up( equipment, QA,  etc)

apart from above ,percentage of yield, purity of product, further purification process required, production capacity,by product market, product margins calculation,complete set up of project etc etc.
   so i am waiting for your reply on this project, if any thing went wrong correct myself,

Small sugar mills

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Good day

I am a second generation sugar cane farmer in Zimbabwe, and have been commissioned to develop some land for some farmers. They are not able to access a milling quota from the local sugar mills. We would therefore like to install our own mini mill with cogen and ethanol facility.

I would like to enter into discussions about establishing a mill that can process 500 TCD, and generating a quotation for me.

Colon hydro therapy .

Dear Sir
With reference to our telephonic discussion regarding project report of colon hydro therapy .

We want to set up this project with 2 units in kolkata west bengal.

We need following information other than your information.

1- List of supplier of machine in india n abroad.

2-cost and list of  consumable items per person .

3-Total electricity and area required with rest n reception area.

4- Cost of one machine with latest bed.

5- Any govt.permit or permission required ?

6-What are the disadvantage for this project?

7-Break even point by person ?

8-Total staff required ?

 pl also specify if Full time doctor required and what should be his minimum qualification.

9-What is future for this project ?is it helpful for the people from health point of view.

Please mail us your charges and details about your company .

Dear Sir
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